If the role of a drummer is to provide a solid foundation for the music, then it’s no surprise that artists flourish with Nick Amoroso as their musical backbone.

His diversity and desire to listen and put the song first has led to many different opportunities over the past 10 years. He has backed country music icon Billy Ray Cyrus; played country music old and new with JD Bernal and Austin Law; toured with pop/rock powerhouse Matt Nathanson; played lush, orchestrated pop with Swedish indie-rockers Marching Band; and brought color to the wistful piano-based songs of Holly Brook (now known as Skylar Grey), who during a show in 2006 referred to Amoroso as “the singer/songwriter’s drummer.” When “heavy lumber” is required, however, Amoroso isn’t afraid to roll up his sleeves and aim for the floor, as he displayed night after night for over a year in venues all over the United States with Austin, Texas alt-country rockers Shurman.

Amoroso’s hard work, positive attitude and musical prowess has harvested performances on NBC’s Late Show with Conan O’Brien, ABC’s Late Night with Jimmy Kimmel, and KRCW’s Morning Becomes Eclectic.

As well as having an open ear with whomever he is supporting on stage, Amoroso has also displayed his feel, dynamics, professionalism and positive energy on a number of different recordings, ranging from folk to country to R&B to brit-pop to hard rock. “It’s really important to me to be open to anything that makes the whole thing better. Any good musician can play a song. A great musician listens to the musicians they’re playing with, and plays for the song. That’s the kind of musician I’m always trying to be.”

Here’s a bit of what others have to say about him.

“He puts it where I would put it.”Vinnie Colaiuta

“Nick’s a great drummer who plays like a seasoned professional.”John “J.R.” Robinson

“A truly great drummer.”John Popper of Blues Traveler

“Nick is a consummate professional, and a true music lover. He does his homework like no drummer i’ve ever worked with. He knows the songs inside and out. Backwards and forwards. Nick is a great person to have as a rudder for the band. He is someone you can count on, hands down, to do the job right. His time is impeccable, and he has a power and an energy that drives and moves the songs and the band.”Matt Nathanson

“Son, you play like a house of fire.”B.B. King

“This guy puts it down!”Mario Calire

“Nick is a brilliant drummer and a brilliant bloke! Always a pleasure to work with.” David Newton

“A great player. Very inspiring!”Al Webster

“I’ve had the pleasure of working with Nick on two projects which are stylistically quite different from each other. He has a great understanding of how to approach a song, and can lay back in the pocket or come out firing with all kinds of chops. His versatility makes him a great asset for recording artists looking to bring their songs into fruition, or for anyone who needs a solid, precise backbone to their project(s).”Omarr Awake

“An absolutely amazing drummer. DAMN AM I GLAD I MADE THAT CALL!!”Aaron Beavers of Shurman

“It’s a pleasure playing with Nick. He brought a much-needed power, professionalism, and reliability to the live show that allowed us to elevate the whole performance. The fact that he can launch into anything from Pat Benatar to Slayer to The Outfield without missing a beat doesn’t hurt, either.”Aaron Tap of Matt Nathanson and The Paula Kelley Orchestra

“Nick has such an amazing grasp of where a song can and should go, not just rhythmically or dynamically, but melodically, harmonically, and sonically overall.” – Shane Mills of One Silver Astronaut

“I’ve had the great privilege of working with a handful of exceptional drummers as a music director on stage and producer in the studio. Nick Amoroso remains the unsurpassed bar by which I measure these experiences. His versatility and musicality are unparalleled. Nick’s instincts are note-perfect when he walks into a pre-existing arrangement, and he’s invaluable as a team player when shaping songs from skeletal conditions. Above all is his ability to deliver great performances, whether it’s the perfect pop pocket, body-moving soul groove, roadhouse country rhythm or jaw-dropping progressive power. Highest possible recommendation.” – Jeff Elbel

“I grew up a drummer, so I’m very picky. I picked the right one in Nick Amoroso. Powerful, creative and ‘on’ like a metronome. He serves the song instead of taking away from it – combining the best qualities of John Bonham and Ringo Starr. Perfect for singer-songwriters.”Bryan Master

“Nick absolutely rocks! He came in and knew my songs just as well as my usual drummer, fit right in with his positive, do-it-right attitude, and was so encouraging about the music. His genuine enthusiasm is infectious and would be such an asset to any band or songwriter.”Elyse Haren

“Nick is solid, tasteful, and really plays for the sake of the song. Great drummer AND a great guy!”Kelly Burgos

“It feels very natural playing with Nick. His professionalism and charisma should be an example to other musicians looking to get into this business.”Dillon Campbell

“Nick is a joy to work with. Whether in the studio or playing live, he encourages me to play as comfortably and relaxed as possible while enjoying each song’s nuances. In any playing situation, I know that he’s got my back and I’ve got his which allows the groove to grow.”Brian Kukan of Slow Car Crash

“Nick is one of those rare drummers who can play with sensitivity and power simultaneously. Completing the song – not competing with it – is his goal and he does just that.”Stephen LeBlanc

“Nick has the key ingredients for a musician – he listens and follows the vocals and melody, complimenting the song in the best way possible. He is the finest drummer I have played with. Impeccable time, great dynamics – a professional in the truest sense of the word. As a performer you can rely on him to be the solid backbone, so you can focus on your performance – what a delight!”Noush Skaugen

“Nick is simply one of the best drummers I have ever worked with. His sense of feel is incredible. He just seems to intuitively know what will work for any given song. He also seems to command time from behind his kit – he bends it to meet his needs.”Jac Mandel

“Simply put, Amoroso’s a powerhouse.”Music Connection Magazine

In addition to performances with a large and varied group of singer-songwriters and bands in venues all over Southern California, Amoroso is always ready for the road. Learn more and get in touch: